By means of the multiplication technique of grafting, cuttings and sowing, trees are grown. Carefully chosen selections of trees are purchased and planted in the autumn and spring. Each lot is provided with AM clearance from the Plant Protection Service. We are also affiliated with the foundation Dutch General Quality Service for Horticulture. This organization regularly performs checks on possible diseases and also pay attention to the type of authenticity.

Sustainable business

We work according to the credo "Sustainable Entrepreneurship". We understand under sustainable entrepreneurship in such a way to undertake and use the environment, soil. Light, air, water and energy that the balance of these things is disturbed as little as possible. Our company is at the beginning of the chain, for that reason we let traditional craftsmanship and modern business go hand in hand.

We have an extensive machinery

In addition, our company has a modern and extensive machine park. This relieves physical work but also contributes to the consistent quality of our trees.

All our trees are planted with sticks, with the aim to grow our on-plant as straight as possible, which forms the basis for pivots and / or young avenue and park trees that are grown to a length of 200 / 250cm to thickness gauge 14-16.

Our trees are carefully harvested and prepared for dispatch. If our parcels are fixed to the company, it will not allow a fast delivery in the rush season.